Vattenfall's sponsorship programmes aim to support initiatives in communities where we operate and to add value to society. Moreover, we want to inspire people and motivate them to live more healthily.

Long-term engagement and responsibility are two important elements in our sponsorship initiatives. Our sponsorship programmes cover sports and culture as well as social and environmental concerns, and they reflect our commitment to good citizenship.

National Olympic Committee

Vattenfall is helping promising athletes to reach their goals through our unique partnership with the National Olympic Committees in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. We believe in long-term commitment and in this venture we want to support the athletes on their journey towards the Olympic Games. To become an Olympian requires a lot of energy, commitment and passion – attributes that we highly value at Vattenfall.

Our partnership with the Olympic committees consists of two athlete groups that together cover the full range of talents, from young and upcoming athletes (Olympic Talent Support Vattenfall) to already established athletes (Team Vattenfall). We support athletes not only at the top, but also on their way up there.

Vattenfall's Olympic sponsorship fencing

We support nearly 100 promising young athletes – including around 30 from our main markets (the Nordics, Germany and the Netherlands) – with the right fervor towards future Olympics. We hope that our support will make a difference and help them to focus and develop their talent and passion for sports.

Vattenfall's Olympic sponsorship sailing

Team Vattenfall consists of eight established top class athletes that we support in their preparations for the Olympics. The selected athletes are good role models for younger talents, specifically for our young athletes in the Olympic Talent Support Vattenfall programme.

Ski sponsorships

With our Northern European heritage, Vattenfall is closely associated with winter and winter sports. Our main product, electricity, has made many valuable contributions over the years to improving the skiing experience – from lighting up dark slopes and trails to creating artificial snow and powering ski lifts.

We know that many of our customers are interested in ski sports, so we want to engage in their passion.

Our sponsorships support established ski athletes, as well as children and young talents starting their careers.

Local sponsorships

In addition to corporate sponsorship, Vattenfall sponsors a range of projects in individual countries. Find out more.

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