European offshore wind deployment centre (EOWDC), also known as Aberdeen offshore wind farm (AOWF)

Consent Application & Addendum

The EOWDC consent application was submitted to Marine Scotland in August 2011 and was then subject to the formal consultation and decision process. The application was for consent to construct and operate a deployment centre, off the coast of Aberdeen.

The content of the application was shaped by the findings of extensive consultation with stakeholders and comprehensive environmental studies. This process saw the project evolve from a standard offshore wind farm proposal into a deployment centre designed to test and demonstrate up to 11 next generation wind turbines and associated technologies.

Detailed information on the consent application can be found in the Environmental Statement. Please download from links shown on the right.
Volume 4 contains large files which cannot be downloaded from this website but a CD version can be requested by contacting the team at the following address:

AOWFL, Vattenfall, Bridge End, Hexham,
Northumberland, NE46 4NU

Submission of an Addendum to the Environmental Statement

The original submission to Marine Scotland in August 2011 outlined that further supplemental information in the form of an Addendum would follow as part of the marine consents application process. This Addendum (download on right) was submitted to Marine Scotland in August 2012.

Since the submission of the original Environmental Statement in 2011, a number of wind turbine manufacturers have proposed inclusion of turbine models with dimensions that marginally exceed those include in the original project description, also known as a 'Rochdale Envelope'.

To accommodate the very latest turbine models, the project partners have submitted proposals to amend the Rochdale Envelope by adjusting the maximum height of turbines by up to 3.5m and increasing the radius of the turbine blades by up to 11m. The project also proposes to carefully design or 'zone' the site by reducing the maximum tip height of the front row turbines and placing larger turbines in the seaward rows. The location and number of turbines remains unchanged from the original submission and features a layout of 11 turbines, each with a nominal output of up to 7MW. The scheme is not likely to exceed a total output of up to 77MW.

The Addendum also contains supplemental marine mammal survey analyses and additional bird assessment taking account of slightly larger turbines and slower moving rotors. In response to requests from local golf clubs, additional photomontages have been created of the proposed wind farm site with photographs taken from a number of view points including Trump International Golf Links, Murcar Links Golf Course and Royal Aberdeen Golf Course. Images of turbines were then superimposed upon these photographs in accordance with Scottish Natural Heritage's Visual Representation of Wind Farms Good Practice Guidance (2006).

The Addendum also includes a thorough review in visual terms of the impact of these Rochdale Envelope adjustments and provides comparative views of the previous and newly proposed turbine dimensions. Given the distances involved – especially in the middle and outer arrays - the changes are barely perceptible.

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