Corporate Governance

On this page, you will find information on the structure of Vattenfall's corporate governance and the reporting structure.

The parent company of the Vattenfall Group, Vattenfall AB, is a Swedish public limited liability company with registered office in Solna, Sweden.

The Swedish Companies Act thus applies for Vattenfall AB. The Board of Directors is elected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board, in turn, appoints a President and CEO, who is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the company in accordance with the Board's guidelines and instructions.

Vattenfall is wholly owned by the Swedish state.

Major parts of the Group's business are carried out in wholly and partly owned subsidiaries. For more information about legal entities within the Vattenfall Group, see Note 26 of the consolidated accounts in the Annual and sustainability report 2013 (PDF 3.2 MB).

Previous corporate governance reports can be found in the Corporate Governance archive.

Governance and reporting structure


Important internal and external rules and regulations for Vattenfall

External rules and regulations:

  • Swedish and foreign legal rules, particularly the Swedish Companies Act and Swedish Annual Accounts Act
  • The Swedish State's ownership policy and other owner directives
  • The Swedish Corporate Governance Code ("the Code")
  • Stock exchange rules*

* Vattenfall adheres to the stock exchange rules that apply for companies that have fixed-income securities registered on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm and other marketplaces.

Internal rules and regulations:

  • Vattenfall's Articles of Association
  • The Board's Rules of Procedure, including the CEO's instructions and instructions for reporting to the Board
  • The Vattenfall Management System (VMS) and other internal governance documents

Further details of our corporate governance processes.

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