The electricity network companies in the Vattenfall Group distribute electricity to both industrial customers and retail customers. We have 3.2 million electricity network customers in Sweden and Germany and have launched a new unit to build a distribution business in Great Britain.

High-quality, uninterrupted electricity supply is of utmost importance to these customers. Vattenfall Eldistribution AB is the largest electricity distributor in Sweden and Vattenfall group company Stromnetz Berlin GmbH is one of the largest electricity distributors in Germany with responsibility for electricity distribution in Berlin.

Group companies Vattenfall Eldistribution AB, Västerbergslagens Elnät AB and Gotlands Elnät AB own and operate electricity networks in western, central and northern Sweden. In Germany, group company Stromnetz Berlin GmbH owns and operates the electricity network in Berlin. Vattenfall Networks Limited is our British business set up to own and operate new-build micro-grids for domestic, business, and industrial customers.

Legally and functionally separated operations

Distribution of electricity is a regulated monopoly business. Electricity is distributed to end-customers through regional and local electricity networks. Vattenfall's subsidiaries are just some of the many electricity network owners on the market.

The companies in the Vattenfall Group that conduct network operations are, in terms of organisation and decision-making, independent from the companies in the Vattenfall Group that generate, sell or trade in electricity. In organisational terms, Distribution reports directly to Vattenfall's CEO.

Sustainable energy solutions for our customers

The distribution business is all about distributing electricity for everyday life. Vattenfall Eldistribution AB's objective is to be the leading electricity network company on its markets. The aim is to be an effective electricity distributor with a supply quality that meets customers' expectations, and to create opportunities for sustainable energy solutions.

Extensive development of smart grids

A high-quality energy supply is the key requirement of all grid customers, and Vattenfall Eldistribution AB as well as Stromnetz Berlin GmbH invests large sums of money on an annual basis to improve the quality of supply. Major investments are required if we are to be able to meet increased capacity requirements from new and growing businesses, connect new residential areas and create new infrastructure. As part of the modernisation of the electricity grid, we are installing new automated technology to enable better communication, monitoring and control of the grid.

The increasing availability of renewable energy sources – especially wind power – along with customer needs for better and more intelligent information about their electricity use, is driving the development of smart grids. We are conducting extensive development work in smart grids in parallel with extensive modernisation and expansion of the electricity grid in order to meet the emerging needs of customers and the authorities.

Last updated: 2017-11-03 11:31