Vattenfall's main products are electricity, heat and gas. In addition, we combine our extensive knowledge and assets to offer smart energy solutions for millions of businesses, cities and households.

In electricity and heat, we work in all parts of the value chain: production, distribution and sales. In gas, we are active in sales. We are also increasing our presence with solutions for distributed generation and smart homes.

Solutions for the future

The energy market is shifting from mainly centralised production to be complemented by also local generation. Businesses and households will generate more of their energy themselves via solar panels, gas-powered generators, wind power participation, heat pumps, and so on.

Vattenfall is active in this growing market with services, products, solutions, financing and partnerships. Moreover, we adapt our assets to this new world, for instance, by including balancing and storage offerings, as well as management of virtual power plants.

Vattenfall offers a variety of electricity services:

  • We help customers to manage their individual energy needs efficiently.
  • We create solutions, where different types of business customers can combine electricity purchase and supply with efficient solutions for managing and administrating their energy issues.
  • Our household customers can benefit from solutions that enable them to follow and decrease their energy consumption, and control appliances in an increasingly smart home.
  • We offer a variety of district heating and cooling, including maintenance and servicing of heating and other household installations.
  • We enable customers to produce their own energy and heat, and offer contracts where Vattenfall will buy a possible surplus.

Unique system integration for cities

For city customers, we offer a unique system integration perspective. We meet the cities' climate challenges by proactive partnerships and by connecting existing products such as:

  • district heating
  • cooling
  • decentralised energy production (e.g. solar panels and heat pumps)
  • energy consumption monitoring (visualisation)
  • electric transport charging solutions

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We produce electricity by six energy sources – nuclear, hydro, coal, biomass, gas and wind.We are the leading electricity producer in the Nordics countries and are among the five biggest in Europe. We work towards reducing our CO2 emissions to 65 million tonnes per year by 2020.

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Small and large customers

We deliver electricity to both the wholesale market and the retail market. In the wholesale market we trade our commodity products. This market is regionally divided with geographically determined price differences. In the retail market households, businesses, and industry customers can choose from a wide range of fixed, variable and tailored pricing options from the different energy sources.


Vattenfall has 2.2 million gas customers and delivered 53.8 TWh of gas in 2011. Our gas operations are concentrated to the Netherlands, where we have a market leading position.

Natural gas is a flexible fuel, suitable for use as a balancing power to balance fluctuating electricity production from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

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Vattenfall produces and sells district heating and cooling in Sweden, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands. We also produce heat in Denmark. Our heat customers are both private households, public and private industries, and our business is closely integrated into the cities we serve.

Safe and reliable district heating

Our main product is district heating. It is a simple, safe, comfortable and reliable form of heating, with little environmental impact. It is often produced in combination with electricity, which reduces environmental impact.

Main fuels for central heating are:

  • various forms of biomass
  • waste incineration
  • coal, lignite, and peat
  • natural gas

Quick facts

  • 6.2 million retail electricity customers in seven countries
  • Total sales of 122.8 TWh of electricity, 2012
  • Total sales of 52.4 TWh gas, 2012
  • 20.4 TWh sales of heat, 2012
Last updated: 2014-10-29 14:14