Interconnector cables which are laid under the sea to transmit electricity between the UK and mainland Europe have the potential to help the UK’s energy security, meet our emissions targets and lower consumer bills.  

Interconnector cables will also help supply consumers in the UK and across Europe with clean, green energy during periods where wind farms and other intermittent technologies cannot meet demand.

Vattenfall is a partner in the NorthConnect joint venture which was established to build, own and operate an interconnector electricity transmission cable between Scotland and Norway.  It will be able to transmit electricity in both directions.

It will tap into Norway’s hydro power, allowing the UK to import power when required and in emergencies.  It will also allow the UK to export and trade excess wind power as it continues to develop and grow as a renewable energy source.  This will help the UK and other European countries reduce carbon emissions.

Being able to import wind power will also help to manage price fluctuations and help reduce prices for UK consumers.

Last updated: 2014-10-29 13:58