Scotland has significant natural resources which makes it a prime destination for the development of renewables, particularly onshore and offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. The development and operation of renewable energy projects is central to the Scottish Government's economic growth ambitions.

In 2011, the Scottish Government set a target of 100% of Scotland's electricity demand to be met by renewables by 2020 and 50% by 2015. This is driving growth throughout the renewables supply chain.

Energy policy, including the setting of emissions targets, is set by the Westminster Government, but planning issues for energy projects are devolved to the Scottish Government.


Wind energy contributed 30% of Scotland's electricity needs in 2013 with onshore wind making up the largest proportion. There is over 4.5GW of installed onshore wind in Scotland, enough to power the equivalent of over 2.3million homes.

Over 11,000 people are employed in renewables in Scotland with nearly 4,000 of these employed in onshore wind. Investment in onshore wind totalled over £1bn in 2013.


Scotland's windy coastline makes it a world-leading destination for offshore wind projects – it has an estimated 40% of the UK's offshore wind potential. It is also home to a number of world leading companies who service the industry, some of whom have developed their capabilities from servicing the oil and gas industry.

Scotland's relative proximity to the Nordic regions makes it a good destination for an interconnector cable enabling the exchange of hydro and wind power between the British Isles and Europe. This will help ensure Scotland and the UK's security of supply.

Last updated: 2014-10-14 14:01