Anders von Holst
Application Engineer Sweden


Anders von Holst


Application Engineer


Vattenkraft/Hydro Power in Sweden

Working for Vattenfall since:


Name: Anders von Holst

What are your responsibilities within Vattenfall?

We have control rooms in three locations in Sweden, from where we can direct the greater part of the operation of 55 power stations all by remote control. My job is to improve and develop the control room's IT systems. As a specialist for IT applications in this field, I also help to ensure ongoing optimisation of our hydro power stations. Hydro power operation and optimisation are the two halves of my job description here at Vattenfall Hydro Power.

How do you make a difference in your daily work?

What interests me and my team, is how to transform the power of moving water into electrical energy in the most highly efficient manner possible. What fascinates me about this in equal measure, are the environmental aspects and the technological challenges.

What do you appreciate about working for Vattenfall?

I love my work and can safely say that not a day goes by when I'm not eager to get to it.

It always gives me a sense of exhilaration when I learn something new or when I discover the exact workings of a particular process. And at Vattenfall our appetite for research is constantly fed with alluring research objectives.

In spring this year, for instance, I took a specialist course on power generation. Through such seminars, not only do you gain invaluable knowledge, but you also get to know your other colleagues and gain a different perspective on your own work.

The ability to listen and ask questions is something that always pays off here. In this way you can benefit from the immense pool of experience that Vattenfall has collected. All this encourages you to think for yourself.

You're always welcome when you bring in your own ideas or make proposals for improvements. You can always be sure of getting constructive feedback. Your boss and your colleagues show genuine interest and encourage you to go in for the long haul and consistently develop your idea if it's a good one.

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