Henrik Ansorge
Portfolio Analyst Germany


Henrik Ansorge


Conveyor Bridge Process Line Leader


Open cast mines, Germany

Working for Vattenfall since:

2003 as a trainee at Vattenfall Europe Mining

Name: Henrik Ansorge

What are your responsibilities within Vattenfall?

I am currently working as a process line leader with responsibility for the Lignite conveyor bridge at the Nochten and Reichwalde open cast mines.

Previously I had worked through various sections of the Nochten open cast pit before spending a year in administration working with operational planning. On behalf of Vattenfall's Engineering and Consulting Services division, I spent five months in Kosovo working as a consultant.

How do you make a difference in your daily work?

One of the reasons why I find mining to be such an exciting sector to work in is that in mining everything is much bigger than in ordinary life.

For instance, in early 2010, we succeeded in mastering the rigours of a frigid winter. With the thermometer hitting -28ºC, our area in Lausitz was the coldest spot in Germany. Yet we managed to keep the mine fully operating despite the freezing conditions, and that is something we're proud of.

What do you appreciate about working for Vattenfall?

The social side of dealing with people is something I really love about my job. I also like the specific challenges surrounding my profession.

If you do your job well, deliver solutions and make a positive contribution, you're in very good hands here. I've grown to learn that trust is something you earn by being dependable and having professional skills and the ability to make fast but well-founded decisions.

When we've all agreed on a particular position here you know that the whole team is right behind you. You don't have to check who's toeing the line and who isn't. Because everybody is. Trust for us is a basic principle. It's built on reciprocity and that's what motivates us.

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