Compensation and benefits

As an employee at Vattenfall you can expect recognition, competitive compensation and benefits.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits to be an employer that

  • truly rewards strong performance
  • focuses on potential
  • offers flexible benefits and solutions that facilitate employees in their work.


Compensation at Vattenfall is designed to promote a high performance culture by driving sustainable improvements in business performance, to support our corporate culture and preferred behaviours and at the same time being market competitive and cost effective in the relevant employment market.

Vattenfall provides a variety of compensation and benefits solutions that differs between regions, locations or business but generally include the following components:

  • Annual fixed base salary
  • Annual variable salary or bonus
  • Country Specific benefits and or allowances where applicable


Decisions regarding individual salaries are taken in the context of individual performance and the current market position of the role.

Decisions regarding budget for annual salary review and individual distribution will also be subject to regional or local agreements with unions, workers councils or equivalent. Annual base salary will be regularly reviewed pending on individual or local agreements.

The purpose with a variable salary is to ensure a clear link between individual performance and the Group's Strategic Direction. Apart from the positive feedback provided by salary changes and the outcome of regular bonus schemes, other means may also to be used if they can be motivated as an appropriate alternative. For example, a gratuity or one-time-payment/bonus may be made in combination with explicit feedback in order to reward results that are achieved for a particular case.



Determined on a country base, Vattenfall offers different market competitive products like care-, life- or accident insurance coverage under special employee conditions, which also can be valid for family members. In the UK employees are provided with,, Life assurance cover, Private medical cover and a Group Income Protection Scheme.

Pension program

Vattenfall offers employees to join our company's pension scheme which is specific to the country requirements.

Work-life balance

To promote a better balance between employees' private and professional lives, Vattenfall offers a range of flexible options like part-time work, sabbaticals or the opportunity to work from home whenever possible.

Sport, health care and wellness

Many Vattenfall companies at our different locations offer various physical fitness programs such as soccer, basketball, squash, yoga, baseball and many more. In the UK employees benefit from a Subsidised gym membership with the aim of supporting the wellness and fitness of our employees. In all, there are lots of opportunities to stay healthy and fit at Vattenfall.

Last updated: 2014-10-20 11:33