Press release | 2015-05-27 | 10:44 AM

Local residents asked to take a view on wind farm images

Vattenfall publishes artists impression of 20 turbine project ahead of consultation

Vattenfall, has today published an artist’s impression of a Lincolnshire wind farm ahead of an extensive summer consultation with local residents.

The images – known as photomontages – show what the 20 turbine Nocton Fen Wind Farm could look like from selected viewpoints. The 35 photomontages show precisely where the turbines are located and their height. They are a good representation of the wind farm and are used by specialists to assess the visual impact of proposals.

The Swedish energy company also expects local residents to take a ‘keen interest’ in these images.

Graham Davey, Vattenfall’s Project Manager for the Nocton Fen Wind Energy Project, said: “We want to talk to as many people as possible about our plans in June. We know that they are taking a keen interest in how the wind farm might look. These photomontages will show people the potential visual effect of the Nocton Fen Wind Energy Project.

“We want to develop and operate a wind farm that benefits as many local residents as possible. That’s why we’ve started talking to people about an annual community investment of £300,000 and why we’ll start talking to local businesses soon.”

Vattenfall reduced turbine numbers from 23 to 20 after consultation with local residents. It has proposed 149.5 metre tall wind turbines to allow it to maximise low carbon generation from the wind farm, on average, every year.

The consultation – which starts 8 June and lasts for six-weeks - will share the results of its detailed assessment and design work to date, the potential environmental effects of the proposals, their significance and measures to reduce their impact. The project team will hold six drop in sessions in the area.