Press release | 2012-04-20 | 11:08 AM

A first for wind power in the UK

After over a year of preparatory work, Vattenfall has submitted its Development Consent Order (DCO) application to the IPC.

The application was officially received on 10 November and has commenced its journey through the IPC process. At the time of submission, the various legal requirements were complied with: notice of the application was placed in local newspapers and various publications. A copy of the notice was also posted at Hampton Pier car park in Herne Bay. The notice invites the public to make representations to the IPC no later than 6 January 2012.   

The approval process has various stages, and a diagram showing the details of this process is attached to this newsletter. The diagram comes from the IPC’s own information leaflet.

Vattenfall’s application is currently at the “pre-examination” stage, and the IPC has scheduled a preliminary meeting on 22 February 2012 to discuss the examination of the Extension application. Those who have registered as parties with an interest in the project will be invited by the IPC to attend.

It is noteworthy that the Kentish Flats Extension is first wind farm (either onshore or offshore) to go through the IPC process, and this in itself will generate a lot of industry attention.