Press release | 2012-09-19 | 08:00 AM

A glimpse into the future of offshore wind power

Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, off the Cumbrian coast, officially inaugurated

Vattenfall's Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, off Cumbria, will be officially inaugurated today with the European energy firm's CEO and President hailing an exceptional engineering achievement which shows the way forward for offshore wind in Europe.

Mr Øystein Løseth will be joined by keynote speaker MP for Barrow-in-Furness John Woodcock, among the towering 30 turbine, 150 megawatt (MW), scheme on the M.V. Balmoral along with over 150 guests. Mr Woodcock will emphasise the need for economic regeneration in places like Barrow and will welcome Vattenfall's £500 million wind farm investment, of which a third went to British business.

Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm has innovation running through it. Innovations include:

  • First commercial deployment of one of the world's largest 'market-ready' wind turbines, the REpower 5MW
  • First commercial deployment of steel jacket foundations fabricated in Scotland by Burntisland Fabrication
  • Longest 'single-pull' electricity export cable installation in UK waters (42km)

Mr Løseth said: "Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm is one of the most innovative operational offshore wind farms in the world and we believe it provides a glimpse into the future of offshore wind in Europe. The lessons that we have learned and the innovation we have demonstrated in the harsh environment of the Irish Sea will help deliver the safe, productive and low cost offshore wind schemes of the future. And we have done that with some great British companies. Some of whom showed a great commitment to the project when they worked safely through the night to erect the turbines.

"We are also immensely proud of our achievements and community support in the Barrow area. Vattenfall is keen to do what it can to support initiatives that help the region capture the benefits of investment in offshore wind.”

He went on to recall Vattenfall's recent UK journey: "Vattenfall entered the UK wind market in late 2008. Since then we have invested over £2 billion in building five wind farms and supported thousands of British jobs.”

Barrow MP John Woodcock said: "It is an honour to help Vattenfall officially inaugurate the Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm. We are proud to have one of the world's most innovative and advanced renewable energy schemes associated with Barrow and the opportunities this represents for the town and wider region.

"It is a welcome boost to the local and regional economy and is an essential part of Cumbria's energy coast. It is encouraging to see that a good number of long-term jobs have been created in Barrow since the wind farm began construction and became operational earlier this year.

"Barrow looks forward to a long relationship with Vattenfall as a local employer and I will continue to work with them to ensure that local people, businesses and suppliers, can benefit from the wind farm over its lifetime.”

Construction of Ormonde Offshore Wind commenced in 2010 with the first turbines deployed in 2011; first power was in August 2011; the last turbine installed the same month; and, commissioning completed in February 2012.

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