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Energy News Europe - week 05, 2010


Russia to supply 3bn kWh of electricity through Belarus   
Baltic News Service, 2010-02-02
Russia's electricity exporter, Inter RAO UES, has signed an agreement with the Belarusian energy group, Belenergo, on the transit of electricity to the Baltic States. Under the agreement, Inter RAO UES, will supply 3bn kWh of electricity through the Belarusian power grid to the Baltic States. The transit supplies through Belarus account for around 60% of the total volume of Russia's electricity supplies to the Baltic States. The remaining 40% pass through direct power links with Estonia and Latvia. In 2009, Russia supplied altogether 1.1bn kWh of electricity to the Baltic States.
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Elering, Nord Pool Spot sign bilateral agreement, 2010-02-02
In Estonia, the state-owned grid operator Elering and the Nordic energy exchange Nord Pool Spot (NPS)have signed a bilateral agreement. The agreement will promote NPS expansion in the Baltics and establishing a day-ahead market as well as the NPS Estlink price area in Estonia in the spring 2010. The agreement likewise serves to the establishment of the common Baltic electricity market NPS Baltic and linking it to Nord Pool by 2013. Taavi Veskimagi, CEO of Elering, and Mikael Lundin, CEO of NPS, target the opening of NPS Latvia price area as of January 2011 and NPS Lithuania price area in 2012. The opening of the NPS price area in Estonia serves as a precondition for Fingrid to invest in Estlink 2, the second subsea power cable between Finland and Estonia.
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European wind power capacity up 23% in 2009
Børsen, 2010-02-03
Wind power capacity in the EU rose by 23%, or 10,163 MW in 2009 as a result of new intallations reports EWEA (European Wind Energy Association). A total of EUR 13bn (USD 18.16bn) was invested in new wind farms, EUR 1.5bn of which went to offshore projects. Of the total new capacity offshore wind farms stood for 582 MW and onshore wind farms for 9,581 MW.
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Electricity from Flamanville EPR on market from 2013
L'Usine Nouvelle, 2010-02-04
The electricity produced at the Flamanville EPR in Normandy should be on the market in 2013, and not 2012 as previously expected. The cost of the plant is still however estimated at EUR 4bn (USD 5.49bn), according to EDF. Italian group Enel is a 12.5% partner in the venture. © Esmerk


Industry associations join forces on electric mobility
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 2010-02-01
It is understood that VDA, BDI, BDEW and ZVEI, the associations of the German automotive, energy, electrical and electronics industries, have set up a joint steering committee for the promotion of electric mobility. The so-called Steering Committee of the German Industries for Electric Mobility and Alternative Drives is to be headed by Matthias Wissmann, President of the association of the German automotive industry, VDA. The steering committee is to serve as the central contact partner for the German government. The government's office on electric mobility will take up operations in Berlin on 1 February 2010.
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Consumers for expansion of decentralised energy generation
Die Welt, 2010-02-03
According to a poll conducted by market research institute Forsa among 1,002 consumers in Germany in December 2009, 80% of the interviewed called for an expansion of decentralised energy generation. The poll, published by consulting firm Accenture, also revealed that 25% of property owners intend to install solar panels for power generation on the roof of their property by 2015. In the group among those who intend to build a home or buy a condominium, 57% plan to install solar panels for power generation and 51% plan to install a solar thermal system for
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Construction of power link to begin in 2011
Gazeta Wyborcza, 2010-02-04
The building of the power link between Lithuania and Poland, the so-called energy bridge, will begin in 2011, according to the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita. In April 2010, the main investors in the Lithuanian-Polish joint venture, LitPol Link, will sign an agreement on the principles of access once the link is handed over for use.
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Minister sets outs plans for promoting green electricity
Het Financieele Dagblad, 2010-02-03
The Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs, Maria van der Hoeven, has proposed in Dutch parliament that companies producing energy through burning fossil fuels must pay for the costs of an overburdened electricity grid. She also proposed that during such periods, when there is an electricity surplus, sustainably produced energy will be used in preference to non-renewable energy. A majority in the Dutch lower house supported both of these points. However, the VVD argued that network operators should foot the bill for costs derived from overburdening the grid, expected to amount to EUR 50mn (USD 69.83mn) per year. Meanwhile, the return from prioritising renewable energy on the grid is estimated at EUR 450mn per year.
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Enel OGK-5 enters nuclear power talks with Inter RAO
Finanza & Mercati, 2010-02-04
Russian electricity generating firm Enel OGK-5 has entered nuclear power cooperation talks with Inter RAO, the Russian state-owned power utility. The project is for a joint development of a nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad. The news was confirmed by Enel OGK-5's Chairman Dominique Fache.
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Acciona raises its wind power capacity to 4,000 MW in 2009
Your Renewable News, 2010-02-01
Figures from Spain's Wind Power Association (AEE), show that Spanish construction and services firm, Acciona, raised its attributable wind power capacity in Spain some 1,308 MW (across 50 wind farms) during 2009 to 3,996.82 MW. The rise in percentage terms is almost 49% on the accumulated figures for the previous year. The capacity includes the wind power assets bought from Endesa. Acciona has a 20.9% market share in wind power asset ownership in Spain and has 14.56% of the total capacity installed in the country, which makes it a national leader. Additionally, Acciona's subsidiary, ACCIONA Windpower (AW) which manufactures and sells wind turbines, was the third ranked wind turbine firm in the country during 2009, with 226.5 MW of its technology being used in new wind farms starting up in Acciona's portfolio during the year.
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United Kingdom

Energy firms criticise carbon capture requirements in NPS
New Energy Focus, 2010-01-28
Energy firms say new carbon capture requirements set out in the proposed National Policy Statements (NPS) are impossible. The NPS states that new combustion plants over 300MW must not be approved before applicants demonstrate that the plant is Carbon Capture Ready (CCR). The new plant must show that carbon capture is feasible, there is space to retrofit carbon capture equipment and storage space is available for the carbon. However, Dr Keith McLean of Scottish and Southern Energy says technology is at an early stage and it is not possible to demonstrate economic viability. Scottish Power is bidding to retrofit carbon capture and storage technology at its Longannet power station, while the government plans to have the first demonstration project completed by 2014.
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