Press release | 2010-05-04 | 14:45 PM

Fourth time winners of Webranking

Vattenfall is once again number one in Sweden and also number four in Europe in communications consultant Hallvarsson & Halvarsson’s annual ranking of corporate websites.


The survey Webranking is based on the information available on corporate websites and its ability to satisfy the needs and expectations of the capital market and job seekers. The ranking is conducted by the Swedish communications consultant Hallvarsson & Halvarsson (H&H) and comprises 800 corporate websites in Europe.

22 of these are either fully or partly owned by the Swedish government and had a turnover for 2009 exceeding 930 million SEK each. Three of the state owned companies are listed on the Swedish stock exchange: telecom company Telia Sonera, bank Nordea and airline SAS.  

“Our survey shows that the financial crisis has lead to analysts and investors demanding more comprehensive financial information, but also more information about the future - strategies and goals. Unfortunately, we seldom find this on the websites, and the same goes for listed companies,” says Marcus Eriksson, responsible for the survey at H&H.

First in Sweden, fourth in Europe
Vattenfall’s result is absolute top class even if you include listed companies. For the fourth consecutive year, Vattenfall is number one in Sweden. And if you were to take away stock related criteria from the survey, Vattenfall would end up number four in Europe.  

“Vattenfall has won the state owned category since we started the ranking three years ago,” says Marcus Eriksson at H&H. “Once again the company shows that it puts great emphasis on information and communication through its website. The differences towards others are primarily within financial and press information, important areas in the survey. This, together with subscription services, good search engines and a good structure, makes Vattenfall this year’s winner.”  

“It is very satisfying to see that Vattenfall continues to rank as number one,” says Eva Stattin, Head of External Web at Vattenfall Group. “The Internet has become an increasingly important channel for communication, since people expect to receive timely, accurate and well-structured information through it. The number of visitors to Vattenfall’s websites is steadily increasing. Therefore we take this result as an encouragement as we continue to develop this important channel for corporate communication.”

Runner-up in social media
Vattenfall also fares well in the social media category and is second behind gaming company Svenska Spel. H&H has measured state owned companies’ presence in social media channels like Linked In, Facebook and Twitter.

H&H Webranking list of Swedish state owned corporate websites:
Note: total possible score 89.5 points.

1.  Vattenfall (energy)             70.75 p
2.  Telia Sonera (telecom)  61.50
3.  Nordea (bank)  58.25
4.  SAS (airline)  53.50
5.  Sveaskog (timber)             51.50
6.  Akademiska Hus (real estate)  38.25
7.  Vasakronan (real estate)  38.00
8.  Green Cargo (rail transport)  36.75
9.   SBAB (finance)  36.25
9.  Specialfastigheter (real estate)  36.25
9.  SJ (rail transport)  36.25
9.  Apoteket (pharmacies)      36.25