Press release | 2010-10-14 | 13:15 PM

Local people speak up for Clashindarroch Wind Farm

Local residents gathered (12th October) in the centre of Huntly to voice their strong support for the proposed Clashindarroch Wind Farm.

 Local people speak up for Clashindarroch Wind Farm

Representatives of the 280 people who have written in support of the application for the wind farm met with wind farm developer, Vattenfall, to hand over their supportive letters and call for Aberdeenshire Council to approve the scheme.

The letters of support came from local people in communities such as Huntly, Cabrach and Tap O'Noth. In the letters, supporters cited the positive impact on the local community, the benefit to the Scottish economy and the wider fight against climate change as reasons for backing the proposal.

The endorsement follows support from Cabrach Community Association and comes as a fi-nal decision for the Clashindarroch proposal is expected to be announced on the 2nd Novem-ber. The proposed Clashindarroch wind farm is an onshore project situated in Clashindarroch Forest near Huntly in Aberdeenshire.

A revised proposal was submitted in June 2009 to Aberdeenshire Council for a wind farm of 18 wind turbines with a maximum turbine height of 110 meters, generating enough electricity annually to meet the equivalent domestic requirements of 27,670 households. The Clashindarroch wind farm could deliver important investment in local community projects plus local supply opportunities on the civil engineering and logistics associated with construction & maintenance.

Phyllis Goodall, a resident of Huntly, representing the supporters said:
“We are here to demonstrate our support for the Clashindarroch wind farm. Our region needs investment and local residents and businesses stand to gain from this development.

“This is the type of project that we all must support in order to combat the impact of climate change. We hope that our petition demonstrates the strength of feeling and support which exists in this area for the project.”

Receiving the petition, David Rodger, Senior Development Manager, Vattenfall Wind Power said:
“Vattenfall is delighted by this endorsement from the local community. We have been committed to working with local decision makers and engaging with local people as we have developed this project. These communities can see the real and lasting benefits that the proposed Clashindarroch Wind Farm will have on their area.

"With a positive recommendation from Planning Officers we hope Aberdeenshire Council will accept the recommendation and to allow the realisation of the economic, environmental and social benefits of this clean energy project".

“Given a positive decision we would work with local businesses and support jobs whenever we can during this project. Vattenfall is committed to being a good neighbour to all of our projects and we hope to build a long term relationship with the local people around the Clashindarroch project".

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David Rodger, 07595 221239 (mobile) or e-mail:

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