Press release | 2010-09-29 | 14:00 PM

One Tonne Life – Climate-Smart home paves the way

The One Tonne Life project is a collaboration initiated by Vattenfall, Volvo Car Corporation and A-hus. A family will be selected to try out climate-smart living in Stockholm, Sweden.

One Tonne Life - the house

The challenge facing the project is to see if it is possible for the family to reduce their CO2 emissions in a significant way, simply by changing to a more climate-smart way of living.

Living on one tonne of carbon dioxide per person per annum is a major challenge considering that the world average figure today is about seven tonnes.

The technology and solutions used in the One Tonne Life project are already available to the public, or will be within the near future.

By using the correct technology, expertise and consistent behaviour we believe it is possible for the test family to approach one tonne of emissions without making major sacrifices in their daily routines.

The plan is for the family to live, for six months, in a well-insulated and energy-efficient house, that has been built by the wooden house builder, A-hus. Vattenfall fits the house with smart technology that measures the family’s electrical consumption in real time and offers expertise for efficient energy use. The product Vattenfall will use to measure the family’s energy consumption is called Energy Watch and will be launched on the market shortly.

In the project we use a new commercial solar cell product tailored for integration into the structure of the house, for instance as an alternative to façade cladding. This means that they replace the normal wall and roof materials on the surface where they are mounted which will lower the total cost and provide a more beautiful exterior. They are manufactured by the German company Sulfurcell that is partly owned by Vattenfall.

The family will also be provided with an electrically-powered Volvo C30, and the project will study how an electric car fits into the life patterns of a modern-day family.

Vattenfall also provides a charging pole to charge the electric car. The charging pole is connected to a charging station which can register travel data and provide information about electricity consumption, charge status and battery status.