Press release | 2010-04-13 | 16:50 PM

Vattenfall optimises Hamburg's energy use

Vattenfall has formed a new development company, Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH, in Hamburg. It is the fourth of its kind that Vattenfall has set up in Hamburg in recent years, and its activities will include e-mobility, hydrogen vehicles and intelligent systems for electricity distribution.

“Our energy supply systems face enormous challenges: reduction of CO2 emissions, increased use of renewable energy sources, decentralised electricity production and more efficient use of energy. We see this reorientation as an opportunity for ourselves and our customers. The new company will follow new trends and develop appropriate products and supporting techniques”, says Oliver Weinmann, CEO of Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH.

During the second half of the year, Vattenfall will begin, in conjunction with DB Energie and Hamburg Energie, to set up some hundred charging posts for electric cars which will supply current from renewable energy sources. Before the end of the year, there will be fifty electric cars of the Smart type in Hamburg. There are also plans for the acquisition of vehicles from other manufacturers.

“Electric cars are an example of how renewable energy can be integrated optimally in our electricity supply system in future. The car’s batteries will be charged mainly at times when the supply of wind power is good while the demand for electricity is low. It’s the same basic idea as in Vattenfall’s trial with mini electric cars in Berlin”, says Oliver Weinmann.

In the next step, electric cars will be used as accumulators to feed electricity back into the grid at times when demand is at a maximum.

The newly formed company will also be involved in building Europe’s largest hydrogen tanking station in Hamburg’s port area at the beginning of May. It will already be possible to tank buses and private cars powered by fuel cells with hydrogen in 2011. Hydrogen is an effective means of storing energy, and it can be produced at times when electricity use is otherwise low.

The efficient use of energy and the development of intelligent systems designed to control the supply and demand from the electricity grid is also part of the company’s core activity.

The other companies that Vattenfall has set up in Hamburg in recent years are Vattenfall Europe New Energy, Vattenfall Europe Windkraft and Vattenfall Europe New Metering.

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