Press release | 2010-05-18 | 09:00 AM

World’s largest offshore wind farm generates power for the first time

Vattenfall, the leading European energy company, generated electricity from the world’s largest offshore wind farm for the first time this week as the Swedish utility made another great stride towards its ambition of making electricity clean by the middle of this century.  


The Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, off the Kent coast, will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm when completed this year.  It is located 12 kilometres off Foreness Point and has been under construction since the end of 2008.  

The 300 megawatt (MW) scheme is still under construction, but with 73 of the 100 wind turbines installed the wind farm is well on its way to being finished later in the summer of 2010.  

Ole Bigum Nielsen, Head of Offshore Projects at Vattenfall Wind Power said: “This is a major milestone in the construction of the wind farm. We are proud to be producing first power from our turbines. Everyone has worked very hard and in spite of difficult winter weather we have kept to our schedule."  

Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, produced power for the National Grid at 17:14 on Sunday 16 May from wind turbine number C08 amid wind speeds of 10-13 metres per second.  The 3MW turbine generated between 2 and 2.8MW of power.  

On completion the wind farm will comprise of 100 Vestas 3MW V90 wind turbines and have a total capacity of 300 megawatts. This is sufficient to supply approximately the equivalent of 240,000 UK homes per year with clean energy.

Facts about Thanet Offshore Wind Farm

  •  The connection of Thanet’s 300MW of capacity in 2010 will boost UK offshore wind capacity by more than 30% and will produce on average enough electricity to supply 240,000 homes with clean electricity.
  •  The wind farm will be located in water depths of 20-25 metres and cover an area of 35km2.
  •  Each turbine would be up to 115m tall at its highest point, with a minimum clearance above sea level of 22m.
  •  The distance between turbines would be approximately 500m along rows and 800m between rows.
  •  Vattenfall acquired the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm project in November 2008.
  •  Construction started onshore in January 2008.

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