The Annual and Sustainability Report provides financial, sustainability and corporate governance information. 

Annual and sustainability report 2017

Materiality analysis

In the 2016 Materiality Analysis stakeholders indicate that Vattenfall has chosen the right strategy forward.

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Sustainability at Vattenfall

We exist to help our customers power their lives in ever climate smarter ways and free from fossil fuel within one generation. 

Sustainability at Vattenfall

Sustainable production

We want to become fossil free within one generation. To realise this goal we are on a sustainable journey.

Leading towards sustainable production

Engaged people

At Vattenfall, we are committed to creating an attractive and engaging work environment.

Empowered and engaged organisation

High performing operations

A high performing operation is a prerequisite for realising the transition from fossil free fuels.

High performing operations

Sustainable consumption

We are becoming increasingly customer-focused and are working to create enduring relationships with our customers.

Offering sustainable solutions


The role of electricity in our society cannot be overestimated. It has changed the world fundamentally.

About e-mobility

Sustainable cities

Vattenfall wants to help cities and regions to become as sustainable as possible. See what we can offer.

About sustainable cities

Smart grids

Smart grids support the shift towards the energy landscape of the future, including consumers becoming prosumers. 

Smart grids

Society and stakeholders

Vattenfall is a part of, and a partner to, society. Engagement with our stakeholders is fundamental to delivering the energy that society needs, in ways that society and our stakeholders appreciate.

Society and stakeholders