Understanding and responding to society's expectations is crucial to Vattenfall's business and license to operate. Vattenfall is in dialogue with stakeholders both centrally and locally.

We involve stakeholders in many decision-making processes, especially people living close to our plants or mines.

We have identified our stakeholders by mapping the company's impact on various groups, and how these influence us. We have nine major stakeholder groups: suppliers, employees, customers, owner(s), financial markets and investors, authorities, NGOs and society at large.

Engaging with stakeholders

Understanding, balancing and responding to the varied and sometimes conflicting priorities of stakeholders is an important part of Vattenfall's responsibility. Engaging with our stakeholders helps us learn what they consider important and what they expect from us.

What is important to whom?

Vattenfall regularly conducts materiality analyses to learn about stakeholders' priorities related to Vattenfall and our operations, and their perception of the company's sustainability efforts.

Our most recent materiality analysis indicates that our stakeholders believe that Vattenfall needs to focus areas on the environment, business ethics and anti-corruption. The analysis also shows that stakeholders commend Vattenfall's work in anti-corruption, working conditions and human rights. On the other hand, sustainability communications, the environment and business ethics have potential for improvement. These results will influence our priorities and planning of Vattenfall's sustainability agenda.

Initiatives and memberships

The Vattenfall Group endorses, and is part of, several sustainability initiatives and organisations:

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