Local communities

Vattenfall brings opportunities and creates substantial value where we operate. At the same time, our operations can have negative consequences, which must be kept to a minimum.

Vattenfall works with local communities to make sure that they benefit from our presence. We serve society by providing the energy needed to make it function well and thrive. Every day, more than 10 million customers use energy delivered by Vattenfall.

Despite all benefits our products and services bring, Vattenfall's operations can impact people's everyday lives. For instance, open cast mines operations may require people to move and construction of wind power plants can be seen as disturbing.

Engaging with stakeholders

We strive to engage with local stakeholders as early as possible to understand what is important to them, and to discuss ideas, objectives and common ground. The aim is to build relationships and find the best possible solutions for everyone involved.

As stakeholder consultation is highly regulated in the countries where we operate, our approach is adapted to local conditions. Vattenfall's project management model includes stakeholder engagement.

Resettlement in mining communities

Vattenfall's lignite mining, mainly in Germany, impacts local communities. Several communities have been resettled as a consequence of our activities, and additional moves will take place in the years to come. We always handle resettlement with care and respect, according to a defined process.

Vattenfall's resettlement process involves a range of issues, from financial compensation to maintaining social structures. The first step is to conduct an assessment that results in a specification of social requirements. Next, the community and Vattenfall enter into a resettlement agreement that deals with a many different issues before, during and after the relocation.

Wind power with consideration

Wind power is appreciated due to its many advantages – among other things, it is renewable and produces no emissions during operation. However, those who live close to wind farms are often concerned with the visual impact.

We often interact with local communities via public consultations. Finding appropriate solutions and being a good neighbour to host communities is crucial. Vattenfall has skilled project leaders, used to nurturing close relationships with communities.

Last updated: 2014-10-28 17:54