Public health and safety

Safety is core to Vattenfall, our operations and, above all, how we affect the world around us. We must always act responsibly so that our operations do not interfere with the health and safety of our employees, the public or anyone else who comes into contact with Vattenfall.

Nuclear power operations

In our nuclear operations, safety comes first, and promoting a safety-minded culture is crucial. We have programmes in place to improve safety further and to adapt our power plants to new stricter safety requirements.

The purpose of all safety work is to prevent the radiation from escaping outside the facility. Therefore, nuclear power plants have many types of safety systems and barriers. Safe storage of spent fuel is also a key concern.

Hydro power operations

Although the risk of dam failure is extremely minor, dam safety remains an important aspect of Vattenfall's hydro power operations. Dam failure can threaten people's lives, as well as cause substantial damage.

To keep risks small, we have invested in improving dam safety. We are also active in the dam safety efforts of our sector. International audits confirm the high standards and safety of Vattenfall's dams.

Safe use of electricity

When it comes to electricity, any safety risks come from operating different devices rather than from the electricity itself. We support our customers by informing them about safe use of electricity.

Power lines, like all electrical devices, generate electromagnetic fields (EMF). Vattenfall complies with the industry standard set by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection, as well as related national regulations.

Vattenfall also contributes to the collaborative research undertaken by Elforsk. The purpose of Elforsk is to coordinate research and development activities of the electrical utilities sector in Sweden.


Last updated: 2014-10-21 12:40