Vattenfall is deeply rooted in society, delivering energy to more than 10 million customers in Europe. We are one of Europe's largest generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat.

Our 33,000 employees work to provide a stable supply of energy in a safe and responsible way. Making our operations more environmentally and socially sustainable is a crucial on-going effort.

Energy – essential for all

By offering a secure and stable energy supply, Vattenfall helps modern societies function. At the same time, all energy production impacts people and the environment. That is why sustainability is a key responsibility and opportunity for us throughout all of our operations, from production and distribution to the sale of electricity, heat and gas.

Our challenge as an energy company is to find a balance between affordability, sustainability and security of supply.

Sustainability – a crucial part of our strategy

Becoming a more sustainable energy provider is an integral part of Vattenfall's strategy. This is a long-term commitment and we continuously take steps to improve our operations. Our strategy consists of three pillars, which have been refined in 10 focus areas for which we strive for continuous improvement.

Enable sustainable energy use

Enabling our customers to consume energy in smarter and more sustainable ways is a key responsibility for Vattenfall. We refine our main products electricity, heat and gas with products and services that contribute to more efficient energy consumption.

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Deliver sustainable energy production and distribution

To be an important player in the development of tomorrow's energy system, we need to transition towards low carbon and low impact energy production. This is why we will continue to invest in renewable resources in energy production, as well as decrease our carbon emissions.

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Achieve sustainable financial performance

We are strengthening our efforts to improve our business in ways that ensure strong financial performance. This way, we create the resources and conditions necessary to support the move towards more sustainable energy production and smart energy solutions.

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Sustainability targets

We have set ourselves targets that support the sustainability strategy, in the same areas as EU's 20–20–20 targets:

  • Reduce carbon emissions: We will reduce our carbon emissions from 94 million tonnes in 2010 to 65 million tonnes by 2020.
  • Grow in renewable energy generation: We will have a higher growth rate of installed renewable energy capacity than the market.
  • Improve energy-efficiency: Vattenfall has set a short-term target for 2014 to reduce primary energy consumption, through internal and external measures, by an average of 1 GWh per day, or a total of 365 GWh. An evaluation of the outcome will then form the basis of a more long-term target for 2020.

Vattenfall's stakeholders – dialogue

Vattenfall believes it is important to listen to our stakeholders and gain an understanding of their expectations. For example, the 10 focus areas, have been identified based on a dialogue with internal and external stakeholders.

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Last updated: 2014-10-16 11:19