Investing in communities

Our investment in local communities is a vital part of our work to make sure communities directly benefit from hosting our projects. 

Dialogue on community investment starts as soon as we begin to explore a new wind farm proposal. Communities have a chance from the very beginning to share with us their ideas about the opportunities they want to see projects bring to their area.

Early discussions

Early discussions begin as soon as we begin work on a new site. The discussion initially is broad, and focuses on understanding the community’s priorities, and understanding what opportunities need to be explored.

Developing options

The basis for the development of a community benefit package is built upon the community’s feedback. We work with communities to understand and explore in more detail what is possible and how it could be delivered.


Once we understand the community’s interests and needs, we invest in the development of an appropriate vehicle for the funding.

Long-term agreement

The package is secured through a long-term agreement with a body or organisation who manage the benefit, and make sure it is delivered. 

Last updated: 2018-12-10 17:16