Our work with communities

Communities are involved in our projects through the design and development, construction and operation phases of our projects. 

Involving communities is important at all stages of our projects. During the design phase, it is a chance for communities to get involved with the design of the project, understand the proposed infrastructure, and influence it before a final proposal is put forward.

During construction, we offer communities the chance to get involved with the project – by visiting site, getting involved with bespoke projects, or even working on the project if they have the appropriate skills and experience.

Once in operation, our work continues, through community funding, longer term initiatives, school visits, education projects and support of important priorities to the local community. 

Working with young people

Many school visits occur throughout the year at our projects across the UK.

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Investing in communities

It is important that communities hosting our projects see real benefit from our investment.

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Last updated: 2017-10-17 13:14