Education and schools

Young people and schools have an opportunity to get involved with all of our projects. 

Careers and training

The energy industry needs a workforce for the future – from engineers, operatives, technicians. We are playing a part in this work.

Three years ago we took on apprentices to become wind turbine technicians at Pen y Cymoedd.

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School visits

We offer all schools around our site a chance to visit our projects, particularly during the construction and operating phase. It is a chance for them to understand better the project they are hosting, and see the project finally realised.

As part of their visit, they have the opportunity to tour the project, and we offer lesson packs to teachers as a resource to make the most of the visit and the links to different curriculum areas – from science to music!

Bespoke Projects

Where schools and young people are very keen to engage, we have developed a number of different bespoke projects to involved schools and young people in our projects.


During the construction of Swinford wind farm, the flag project brought together young people in the area to get involved with the project and the community fund.

Swinford flags project


Blade Mountain Bike Trail’s launch in the Afan Valley was a chance for local children to leave their mark on the Pen y Cymoedd site.

Blade – protecting the local tourism economy

Crown Estates

Vattenfall are working in partnership with The Crown Estates, P1 Marine Foundation and the local Foreshore Services to help children develop an understanding and appreciation of our oceans and coastal areas.

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