About the project

In August 2016, National Grid announced that Vattenfall’s proposal for a 22 MW battery facility at its Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm site in South Wales was one of eight projects selected to provide Enhanced Frequency Response service to the grid network.


The project will use lithium-ion batteries which will be housed in shipping container units on an area that is currently being used by the construction team as a temporary construction compound in an exciting first for Wales project.

There will be a connection between the wind farm and the Battery Storage Facility. Therefore the batteries could either be powered from the wind farm, or could be powered directly from the grid.

The Battery Storage Facility will contain 5 standard shipping containers with batteries inside, with two electrical inverters and one transformer per container, leading to a switchgear building. 

What is Enhanced Frequency Response?

Enhanced frequency response is a new service that is being developed to improve management of the system frequency pre-fault, i.e. to maintain the system frequency. Once in place, the storage facility at Pen y Cymoedd would be able to provide or take power from the grid in one second or less, helping to maintain the frequency of the grid which is vital to secure a reliable electricity supply.

View a larger copy of the map here.

Last updated: 2017-04-11 17:37