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Fresh from Vattenfall: Clean renewable electricity for UK businesses

Vattenfall is offering UK business consumers the opportunity to purchase electricity from its UK portfolio.

  • Vattenfall’s aim is to bring a FRESH approach to electricity supply. We believe sustainable consumption is a matter of choice and we are focused on working with business consumers to help them achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Vattenfall is 100% owned by the Swedish state and is one of the largest generators of renewable electricity across Europe. Vattenfall supplies over 6.3 million customers across Europe and is pleased to be able to make a FRESH supply offer to UK business consumers.


FLEXIBLE – we offer a range of flexible products to help you manage your energy costs
RENEWABLE – we only generate electricity from renewable sources in the UK
ELECTRICITY – we are focused on supplying and promoting sustainable business consumption
SUPPLIED – we put you in control of your electricity supply
HONESTLY – business consumer trust is key to us and we pride ourselves on our transparency

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Last updated: 2017-04-12 16:45