Edinbane is an 18 turbine wind farm, located on the Isle of Skye.  The wind farm has been generating wind energy for over 5 years and in 2015, produced enough electricity to power almost 24,000 UK homes*.

As well as producing renewable electricity, the 41.4MW project is also making an important contribution to the local community. During construction, contracts worth around £12m were awarded to companies in the Highlands and Skye.

The project also provides a community fund in the local area which has been used to benefit the those who live and work close to this project in a number of different ways, including the provision of footpaths, war memorials, school climbing-walls, transport for local groups and an apprenticeship scheme.

(*based on most recent statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change showing that annual UK average domestic household consumption is 4,192kWh).

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