The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre will trial next generation technology.

Suction bucket jackets

Suction bucket jackets form a key component of the EOWDC and underpin the facility's test and demonstration of innovation. The game-changing jackets enable faster offshore installation of the EOWDC, while also keeping noise to a minimum, as well as easier decommissioning as the installation process is reversed. As such, the technology will contribute to driving down the cost of clean power.

The first of the 11 foundations was positioned into place on Sunday 25th March 2018 and you can watch installation in action in this clip below.

MHI Vestas V164-8.4 turbines

The EOWDC will deploy 11 of the world’s most powerful single turbine models. V164-8.4 turbines will produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of 79,209 homes when running at peak capacity, meaning significantly lower operational costs, cost-efficient installation and built-in reliability.

This image is illustrative and not intended as a fully accurate depiction of the project.

66KV Cabling

The EOWDC will utilise cutting edge 66kV transmission and cabling, making the north east the driver of this new technology. Advancing to next generation 66kV cabling to transport the energy produced from the turbines to the onshore substation will boost power transmission, improving efficiency and reliability.

The implementation of this cabling contributes to the offshore industry's cost reductions targets, improving lifecycle costs and lowering levelised cost of electricity.

Last updated: 2016-10-28 13:30