Community benefit and partnerships

Involving the North East community throughout the development, construction and operation of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre is a priority for us.

Our vision is that we continue to have a positive impact in the North East of Scotland. We are committed to being a good neighbour and to maximising the benefits that this innovative project brings to the area. We work collaboratively with local stakeholders to facilitate and achieve these priorities.

Wood RecyclAbility

Wood RecyclAbility is an organisation based in Pitmedden, Aberdeenshire that offers adults with a wide range of abilities the chance to experience a real workplace setting.

We partnered with Wood RecyclAbility to make a human height wooden turbine for our community events. They also made mini turbines which we use for our monthly HSSE awards.

Flying Finn

The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre has many fans but we have an extra special follower who contacted us earlier this year to learn more about the project and to ask for advice on how to prepare for a job at Vattenfall, Finn is only 12.

When Finn received the response to his letter he rushed to our innovation exhibition at Balmedie Library to collect his avatar and learn more about the project innovations. He was particulary intrigued by our Service Technician role, as he would like to work on wind turbines. Once our local service technician, Chelsea, heard how enthusiastic and inspired Finn was she offered to meet with Finn and his family at the Aberdeen innovation exhibition the following week. Again Finn and his family made the journey form Peterhead to come to our innovation exhibition and to meet with Chelsea who talked him through her journey and her role.

Finn’s story struck a chord with many of the project team and when naming the project electric truck the winning entry was ‘Flying Finn’. Finn and his family came to the wind farm Operations and Maintenance base at Aberdeen Harbour to have a ride in the truck and to meet with some more of the project team. We suspect that this is only to beginning of the project’s friendship with Finn, who knows maybe one day he will be working on the EOWDC...

Last updated: 2018-04-05 12:35