Knots to watts

In 2017 Vattenfall teamed up with SCDI, The Crown Estate Scotland and the Institute of Physics in Scotland to bring the Knots to Watts innovative offshore wind technologies competition to Scottish primary and secondary schools. Schools were challenged to research, design, build and test a wind turbine which creates electricity.

Teams will be invited to present their research portfolio and test their wind turbine models at the National Celebration of STEM 2018, at Glasgow Science Centre on 8 June 2018. 

Vattenfall funded a unique 3D virtual reality workshop for one of the winners of the Knotts to Watts competition. Vattenfall and 3DW brought specially developed software to Robert Gordon College, which allowed students to build a virtual offshore wind project. Using Oculus Rift 3D Virtual Reality goggles students and teachers will be able to fly through and review their project in 3DVR.

This most up to date technology and visualisation package helped the students to develop an informed and well-rounded appreciation of the complexities of wind farm development, whilst the programme also encouraged collaboration and leadership.

SCDI STEM Celebration

Annually, SCDI host a regional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) celebration which invites around 100 school pupils to participate in a showcase event organised by Young Engineers and Science Clubs (YESC). For the last two years the EOWDC sent a team with an engineering challenge for the participants.

Each school brought along a team of budding engineers who were tasked with completing a hands-on STEM challenge. Vattenfall challenged the groups to build  the most energy efficient turbine, selecting the correct number of blades, the correct blade angle and the most suitable direction of wind which would maximise the output. Each group was assessed on their team work, problem solving abilities and who could produce the highest output voltage. All groups completed a circuit of challenges provided by the 10 companies involved. An educational and innovative day was had by all.


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