Unlock our future fund

Building a lasting legacy 

This community benefit scheme has been designed for the community, by the community.

Annually £150,000 will be invested across Aberdeen City and Shire, the scheme will be looking for opportunities to invest in projects that look to the future and clearly demonstrate how they will:

• ensure a legacy and lasting impact
• contribute to a climate smarter world with sustainability at its core
• invest in community facilities that are fit for the future and environmentally
• demonstrate clearly a benefit to the local community

We commissioned support from one of Scotland’s experts on renewable energy funding, Dr Claire Haggett, to work with us to ensure an independent approach was taken to develop the best possible community benefit scheme for the region.

The design of the scheme has resulted from an extensive local consultation. You can read about the structure, criteria and requirements in this Unlock our Future BookletWe have recently recruited the Community Champions Decision Panel who are in the process of establishing the structures, procedures and processes to run the scheme. This fund is due to launch in Autumn 2018. If you want to be contacted when applications are being accepted register here.


Last updated: 2017-12-20 16:29