Jennifer Munns

Jennifer Munns at work

"It's is a busy role as we can operate up to 10 vessels on all three wind farms.  I track the progress of our vessels going out to the wind farm. 

Our crew also observe vessels within the site by using special equipment (AIS) and report back to our control centre on the activity in and around the wind farm.  All non-wind farm vessels are allowed access within our wind farms but are advised to remain 50m from any structure.

Another part of my role is to ensure that all staff and contractors have the relevant certification  to go offshore and this is a challenge in itself. 

It is also key that we communicate our plans/works with the stakeholders in and around the harbour as our work may affect them.  We do this via a monthly meeting and through issuing Notice to Mariners.  Examples of these can be found on our Kent wind farm websites.

On occasions we have assisted the Dover Coastguard in rescuing mariners and recently towed a vessel to Ramsgate harbour.  We have a good relationship with the coastguard and are currently collaborating with the representatives of Dover Coastguard to organise joint safety drills.   This is particularly relevant as recently we experienced our own emergency and I’m pleased to report that our response plan was followed and our technicians were returned home safely.

It can be a fast-paced role as we can have as many as 10 vessels out on the water when we are carrying out extra work such as surveys and specialised repairs - my radio comes with me everywhere."

Last updated: 2017-04-06 18:43