Kentish Flats Extension (“KFE”) – With new technology come new skills

Andrew Manning at work inside a KFE turbine

Andrew Manning at work inside a KFE turbine

KFE is the latest addition to our Kent portfolio of wind farms. With this development came a promotion for Andrew Manning who was  promoted from technician to Service Leader.

“I Started my career as an electrical apprentice in paper mills-Sittingbourne and Aylesford, Kent.   After closure of the mills, I took  time out to travel and on my return started working for Vestas, eventually moving across to Vattenfall in 2013.  Our Site Manager, Tony Francis encouraged me to develop professionally and allowed me time to take an Open University course (I’m now in my final year)  at the end of which I will hold an Engineering Design degree.

Although I was an experienced technician, the turbines installed on KFE were a new design so I had to become familiar with this.  As an engineer,  I am  constantly striving to improve and learn new things so I jumped at the opportunity to work on the new turbine’s at KFE.  Having had experience as a technician really helped in my new role of a Service leader -  I am able to relate to most issues and use my  experience (and teamwork) to solve most problems.

Working on a new wind farm affects the day to day planning as the equipment is site specific but the  newer turbine designs however are more user friendly for the technicians to work on so this in turn improves the working environment.  

Last updated: 2017-04-06 18:28