Ormonde, Irish Sea

Ormonde Wind Farm is an offshore project located in the Irish Sea, around 10km from the coast at Barrow-in-Furness in the north-west of the UK. In 2014, the project produced enough electricity to power around 126,000 UK homes*.

The Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance (O&M) facility is located on the dockside in Barrow Harbour. The building and quayside facilities have been in use since summer 2010.

68% of the tier 1 contracts were awarded to UK companies during construction, with more than 800 UK jobs supported through the project.

(*based on most recent statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change showing that annual UK average domestic household consumption is 4,192kWh).

Innovation at Ormonde


Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm has innovation running through it, including:

  • First commercial deployment of one of the world's largest 'market-ready' wind turbines, the 5MW REpower
  • First commercial deployment of steel jacket foundations fabricated in Scotland by Burntisland Fabrication
  • Longest 'single-pull' electricity export cable installation in UK waters (42km)

Constructing an offshore wind farm

Meet Matthew Green, Client Project Manager at Ormonde

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