Renewable Energy Park

In 2015, Vattenfall signed an agreement with Natural Resources Wales to explore the concept of a Renewable Energy Park on their estate. 

Battery@PyC is the first result of that cooperation.

The 22MW system - believed to be the largest co-located battery and wind farm project in the UK - will provide a rapid-reaction grid reliability service to the National Grid, known as Enhanced Frequency Response.

Battery@PyC can respond to power fluctuations on the grid within a second - by pumping in power if frequency drops, or drawing in, if too high. These reliability services have been provided for decades, but not this smartly, so we think Battery@PyC is the kind of affordable solution that will help power climate smarter living in the UK.

National Grid has estimated enhanced frequency response contracts will save the consumer £200m over four years.

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Last updated: 2017-12-06 12:02