Peat restoration

4,500 million tonnes of carbon is stored in UK peatlands, which has formed over the last 11,000 years since the last ice age.

The challenge

Peatlands need slow draining to stay healthy. An important part of wind farm construction and operation is effective drainage of the turbine areas and tracks. The peat at Pen y Cymoedd needed protecting to avoid disturbing its natural operation.

Hear more from Gordon Baird, Environmental and Social Mitigation Manager, Natural Resources Wales

The solution

  • A peatland ecohydrologist visited every turbine and length of new wind farm track and the water table was monitored.
  • Water was collected from the peat immediately upslope of turbines and tracks, routed downslope and re-distributed to peatland downslope.
  • Water table data is collected every three months, and analysed. Further mitigation works will be carried out if necessary.

The larger-scale £3m Habitat Management Plan aims to protect, restore and enhance the peatlands within the wind farm.

Last updated: 2017-12-06 14:10