Clashindarroch II Wind Farm Proposal

Vattenfall is exploring the potential for the addition of up to 14 turbines next to the existing and operational Clashindarroch Wind Farm near Huntly.

Following our Community Information Days last year, we have been working on our plans and would like to share with you important developments in the project. We have developed a revised layout with a smaller number of taller, more powerful turbines.


Next steps

Scoping request submitted 

The scoping request for Clashindarroch II Wind Farm proposal has been submitted to the Scottish Government and we will consult with organisations such as Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Aberdeenshire Council to receive their feedback on the scoping report. Download a copy here.

The research programme, known as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), is a formal process which forms part of the Environmental Statement (ES) to assess and measure the anticipated effects on the environment of the proposed Clashindarroch II Wind Farm.

Vattenfall will consult with local residents and community interests on an outline proposal after the results of the EIA have been assessed ahead of a planning application to the Scottish Government in 2018.

Last updated: 2018-08-31 13:39