The community fund

Vattenfall have committed to an annual investment of £150,000 towards a community benefit scheme which will run for the lifetime of the EOWDC (20 years).

Our vision is to have an innovative approach which will foster a positive, sustainable impact in the communities associated with the wind farm. 

We will be working with the local community to maximise the benefits the fund can bring to the area. 

We commissioned a benchmark study, by Dr. Claire Haggett of the University of Edinburgh, an internationally recognised expert on offshore renewable community funds

A Socio-Economic Study carried out by Oxford Brookes University, established a baseline and provided recommendations and next steps for establishing and maximising the fund. 


Join the conversation! 

Community benefit packages today are flexible. Many opportunities are possible. We would like to start our conversation with you, as the local host communities to help us to explore some of the possibilities for the fund. We hope this can provide some inspiration about the potential of the fund.

Click here to get involved.


Last updated: 2017-12-20 16:29