Foundation design

The EOWDC will deploy a novel foundation type, a three legged jacket foundation with suction buckets, to support eleven of the most powerful wind turbines in the world.

The suction bucket jackets are currently being designed; taking into account the local soil and metocean (wind/ wave) conditions in order to reliably operate over the planned life time of the wind farm. This innovative suction bucket technology allows the foundation installation without noise or vibration.

The foundations will be assembled in Belgium and UK. Once assembled, the foundations will be transported to the offshore site in Aberdeen and installed by a specialist heavy lift vessel which is able to lift up to 2,000 tonnes.

Once all foundations are installed, which is expected to be complete in Q4 2017, the subsea cable installation will follow including the connection between the onshore substation and the offshore site.

Finally, WTGs will be installed, most likely by a jack-up vessel, in Q1/ Q2 2018 with first electricity being produced by Q2 2018.

Last updated: 2016-10-28 13:31