The consultation process

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Vattenfall is committed to honest, open and effective engagement with the communities in which it operates.

We have been undertaking a programme of non-statutory (informal) consultation and are now embarking on our statutory (formal) consultation. This will take place over the course of the pre-application period, up to the submission of the application in 2018. This is essential in allowing us to understand the local area and develop the best possible proposal.

The first phase of consultation began with a series of Public Information Days across Norfolk in October 2016. In March and April 2017 we held a total of nine events across the cable search area with additional drop-in sessions in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. Again, hundreds of you came to share your views with us. Thank you for taking the time to attend. You can now take a look at the feedback received during these Spring 2017 events on the Documents page.

Since then, our electrical and geotechnical engineers, ecologists, landscape, traffic, noise specialists and other team members have been studying the data gathered so far, including your feedback, following the March/April 2017 drop-in events, and have refined Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas project proposals. Click below to view the interactive, high resolution map, which enables you to focus in on areas of interest in detail. 

For a high resolution version of the map below, please click here. You are then able to use the + and - tool (top left) to focus in or out.

To learn more about what the symbols within the map mean – click on them and an explanation will appear.

We will issue further information and request specific feedback on the project as it develops, however we are grateful for feedback on our proposals at any point throughout this process so please get in touch.

As part of the consultation process we will develop a Statement of Community Consultation (SOCC), which will set out exactly how and when we intend to consult with the local community. Further information on what a SOCC  can be found on The Planning Inspectorate website here. The SOCC will be published later this summer.

This website will act as a hub of information about the project, and will be regularly updated with relevant information, documents, feedback and ways to have your say, shape the proposals and ask questions about our plans.

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