South Kyle, between East Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway

In August 2013, Vattenfall submitted a planning application to the Scottish Government for the 50 turbine South Kyle wind farm. The consenting process is ongoing.

Working with the community 

Vattenfall believe wind farm projects should be assets for local communities, supporting sustainable development locally so that the communities nearest benefit directly from the use of their local resources.

We are committed to providing a Community Benefit Fund of £5,000 per MW installed per annum, for the life of the wind farm. This equates to £750,000 per annum for local communities (based on 50 x 3 MW wind turbines).

The basis for the development of the Community Benefit package is built upon the community’s feedback.  We will continue to work with the local community to understand and explore in more detail what is possible and how it could be delivered.

Maximising opportunities for local businesses

Vattenfall wants to register the interest of more than 600 businesses in Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway to help build and operate the 50 wind turbine project.

During April and May 2014 Vattenfall held ‘meet the developer’ events in both local council areas to provide the opportunity for local businesses to meet with the South Kyle project team and a number of potential primary contractors. The events informed local businesses on the likely opportunities associated with onshore wind developments.

Register your interest as a supplier in South Kyle

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