About the project

Vattenfall has been operating Thanet Offshore Wind Farm for over 7 years. When it was built it was the world’s largest wind farm, and since that time it has produced enough renewable energy to power around 220,000 UK homes per year.*

Why extend Thanet Offshore Wind Farm?

We know that extension projects can deliver many benefits: 

  • They can deliver lower cost renewable energy because we can benefit from: 

- shared operations and maintenance approaches, 

- our knowledge of constructing and operating in the area, 

- the latest turbine technology. 

  • They allow us to build on our existing investment – in the local community and in a local workforce


Project Figures
Number of turbines Up to 34
Installed capacity Up to 340MW
Turbine height 250m maximum
Individual turbine capacity Dependent on technology. 10MW and 12MW used as assumptions for EIA
Cables onshore (number and length)

Up to 4 circuits, each comprised of 3 individual cables. Onshore cable route distance of 2.5km

Cables offshore (number and length) 4 cables at 28km maximum distance
Landfall location Pegwell Bay
Grid connection and substation Substation at Richborough Port, up to two 400kV connection cables between substation and grid connection at Richborough Energy Park


Last updated: 2017-04-11 17:38