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As the Norfolk Boreas project develops we will update this page so that you can view or download various documents such as newsletters, fact sheets and consultation material. Please click on the links below. The most current project newsletter can be found here.

Hearing Your Views IV - Interim Consultation Report - February 2019 

Between November 7th and December 9th 2018, we held a period of statutory consultation on our proposals for the Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm This report provides a summary of how we consulted, the high-level statistics from the consultation, the feedback received and a summary of the key issues raised.


Order Limits Change Report

At the start of February 2019, we began an additional targeted consultation with relevant statutory consultees for a very specific minor amendment to the project’s offshore order limits. The proposed change would slightly extend the project’s order limits to enable project interconnection links directly from Norfolk Boreas to Norfolk Vanguard (East). The relevant information regarding this proposed change is contained within the documents below:


Norfolk Boreas Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) - October 2018

The full set of Preliminary Environmental Information Report documents can be found at the link directly below: 


Statutory Consultation - Autumn 2018


Project Info Sheets - updated Autumn 2018


Supply Chain - Request for Information (RFI)


Scoping Opinion


Scoping Report


Information for Landowners


Careers information for young people


Project Newsletters


Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this document features questions common to both Norfolk Boreas and Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm projects.

* v2 - at the end of Q23 error corrected and word consented replaced with submitted


Public Drop in Exhibitions Round 2 March/April 2017 - Feedback


Public Drop in Exhibitions Round 2 March/April 2017


Substation & Cable Relay Station Workshops July 2017


The first public exhibitions, we held in Norfolk were primarily to present information about Norfolk Vanguard, however, Norfolk Boreas is also introduced at this stage. Please find information boards from these events below.

Public Drop-In Exhibitions - October 2016


If you have trouble accessing any of this information, or there are further documents you would like to view, not included above, please contact us.

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