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Latest News

13th October 2017 - Vattenfall launches official consultation on Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm

5th July 2017 - Great Yarmouth in pole position for strategic wind farm investment

16th June 2017 - Vattenfall reveals latest thinking on Norfolk offshore wind farm proposals

6th March 2017 - Energy firm refines plans for wind farm cable route

16th February 2017 - Vanguard to the fore on wind farm events

6th October 2016 - Norfolk offshore wind farm reveals early plans

29th September 2016 - Early bird gets edge in wind farm investment

23rd June 2016 - The project now has a place on the Planning Inspectorate's website.

15th March 2016 - Norfolk's largest offshore wind farm sets sail

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There are a number of frequently asked questions about Norfolk Vanguard, which are set out in this downloadable document. If you have any further questions, not covered below, or on this website, please contact us

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