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East Coast Internship with The Ogden Trust

With the East Coast Internship programme now in its third year, Vattenfall were delighted to work with The Ogden Trust in summer of 2018 to support and fund placements for four students in the break between Year 12 and Year 13.  A collaborative approach to hosting with Nexus in Great Yarmouth gave students an introduction to the wind energy industry and also insight into engineering related disciplines. To read more about the programme click here. 


Skills for Energy 2018

Our work with communities

Involving communities is important at all stages of our projects. During the design phase, it is a chance for communities to get involved with the design of the project, understand the proposed infrastructure, and influence it before a final proposal is put forward.

During construction, we offer communities the chance to get involved with the project – by visiting site, getting involved with bespoke projects, or even working on the project if they have the appropriate skills and experience.

Once in operation, our work continues, through community funding, longer term initiatives, school visits, education projects and support of important priorities to the local community. To read more about our work please visit the Communities  page of the website.

Colby School Green Energy Outreach Programme

Ambassadors for fossil-free living

In 2018 Vattenfall became sponsors of Colby School's Energy Outreach Programme, an educational initiative for primary age children, forming part of the school's award-winning Eco Hub project. With funding for equipment and support from Vattenfall, Colby School pupils developed a workshop which they later went on to deliver to other schools in the surrounding area. To read more about their work click here.

Vattenfall supports Happisburgh Time and Tide Bell project

Happisburgh Time & Tide Bell Group meet with Vattenfall

The passion of residents and visitors for the beach and coastline has been notable from our earliest visits to Happisburgh in 2016 to consult on our plans for the  Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm projects. This passion, for some, is all the more poignant because of the sea’s erosive action on the cliffs, particularly during storms.

When our Norfolk project team met Happisburgh Time & Tide Bell Group, they told us of their plans to use an art installation to draw further contemplation of the coastline’s perpetual embattlement with the sea over the area’s long history of human habitation. 

The Time and Tide Bell sound sculpture is a unique concept and once installed on the beach in the ‘surf line’, waves will stimulate the hanging clapper and produce a gentle musical ringing sound from the bell, twice in every 24 hour period during high tide. To read more about the sculpture and the group's plans, please click here.

3D Wind Farm Design Programme

3D wind farm design text text



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