News item | 2018-12-17 | 13:57 PM

Colby School Green Energy Outreach Programme

LLO Sue demonstrates VR headset to pupil at Colby School

The children of Colby Primary School were commended on their eco work at the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s (CPRE) award ceremony held at Norwich Cathedral on Monday. Winning the Engaged Youth Award gave further endorsement to the important work that the school is doing to develop environmental projects at a primary education level.

The Colby Eco Hub, and in particular the Green Energy Outreach Programme (GEOP) developed in partnership with offshore wind energy developer Vattenfall, featured strongly in Colby’s bid to win the award. This Programme, which invites children from other local primary schools to take part in eco workshops led by the Colby Eco Council, has been a great success and will begin again in 2019.

The Head, Christine Mead, Head of Eco and Science Judit Ward and members of the school’s Eco Executive collected the award on behalf of the school.

The previous week, Norman Lamb MP had visited the school to see for himself the environmental initiatives that the school has been developing through their Eco Hub project. Friends of Colby School have also recently been chosen by the Co-op Local Community Fund as one of the charities its members will support over the next twelve months to raise funds for a Community Eco Garden and Play Area at the school.

Further information on the Colby Eco Hub can be found on their website