News item | 2018-12-17 | 12:34 PM

East Coast Energy Internships

East coast energy internship students at work on Vattenfall project



The Ogden Trust Energy Internships provide bursaries for 6th form students to undertake a 20 day placement with a local energy company or developer in the summer between Year 12 and 13. Now in its third year, the programme has already won the East of England Energy Group Skills for Energy Award in 2017 and the Great Yarmouth Spirit of Enterprise Skills Award 2017.

The scheme aims to provide young people with high quality opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the type of roles available in the energy industry as well as providing the students with a placement that utilises and enhances their STEM skills in a business environment. 


The Vattenfall Interns

The four Vattenfall students were hosted at the Nexus Centre at Gorleston-On-Sea, a training and resources hub for the fast-changing engineering industry on and offshore. Its mission is to raise the profile and understanding of the huge variety of opportunities in the engineering industry for young people as well as up-skilling the current workforce across the sector. 

The brief for their 20 day project was for the students to utilise their engineering and electrical design skills to create and build an interactive display for use at Vattenfall events. Nexus would support on the engineering elements and Vattenfall would supervise project management of the brief and provide day-to-day support. Ideally, the final design would support our work on the Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind projects and align with the themes of renewables and, specifically, wind energy.


The Results

20 days of hard work from the interns resulted in production of a model of the Norfolk coast with elements representing Vattenfall's two offshore wind farm proposals and the associated onshore cable route, complete with tiny replica wind turbines. We then invited the students to attend the Norwich Science Festival in October 2018 to display their model on the Vattenfall exhibition stand. 


Communications Lead for the Norfolk Projects, Catrin Ellis Jones:

"As a company we’re committed to development of real skills and educational opportunities in the areas in which we operate, so for the Norfolk projects our work has been focused on schools, colleges and universities in the East Anglia region. Large renewables projects like Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas will bring opportunities for well paid, skilled work and we want local people to be suitably prepared - with the right skills and competences - to take up those opportunities. We want to share our expertise and assist in developing the workforce of the future."


Internship project supervisor and Local Liaison Officer, Sue Falch-Lovesey:

 "Our goal is to enable freedom from fossil fuels in one generation, so this type of internship programme aligns perfectly with our work because wind energy will be a key means of achieving this aim. We feel that it’s incumbent on all of us to support the supply chain and future workforce in any way that we can to ensure we meet this target and we're delighted to build on our strong working relationships with both The Ogden Trust and with local schools, colleges and universities."

 The intern students prepared their own summary report which can be found here.